In 2014, Jesse James Leyva opened the first Outlaw FitCamp in Little Elm Texas. The next few years grew Outlaw FitCamp concept into four locations across the DFW metroplex.

Now we’re super excited to announce that with its phenomenal success and growth, we’re opening up Outlaw FitCamp to franchise opportunities with two more on the way!

We believe Outlaw FitCamp is the best fitness franchise available today. Honestly, we think it’s the best franchise available, period.

Why is an Outlaw FitCamp fitness franchise such a smart move?

The fitness industry is growing and it’s not going to slow down. People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of staying fit to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they age. Fitness will continue to be a growing field.

Fitness in general is a profitable industry. And in the fitness business, no franchise has a better value and more opportunity than an Outlaw FitCamp franchise.

Here are 7 reasons why owning an Outlaw FitCamp franchise may be the best decision you ever make!

1) You will receive support in every stage of your Outlaw FitCamp business

From finding a great location, through remodeling construction and opening to daily operations and marketing—Outlaw FitCamp Franchise offers full support to franchise owners. Your success is our success, and we want to make sure your business succeeds!

We will continue to help you promote your business especially after it’s up and running. We have effective and eye-catching marketing campaigns, events, and fun promotions that your members will love.

Jesse James Leyva, owner of Jesse James Fitness and founder of Outlaw FitCamp explains his strategy:

“I want to help people change lives. And that’s what I’m so excited about. By investing with us and by buying an Outlaw FitCamp franchise, we’re there right by your side. I’m that guy on your shoulder. My team will be there from start to finish, to make sure you’re successful on opening—but not just opening—from there on out for the duration. We’re going to be there from start to finish.”

2) Enjoy profit from passion

Would you enjoy helping people improve their lives? Would you get satisfaction from helping people enjoy a longer, heathier lifestyle? If your answer is yes, then helping people improve their fitness level will be rewarding to you.

Our Outlaw FitCamp program has developed a unique functional interval training (FIT) system that’s helped thousands of members lose pounds and inches, become more fit, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

You can do that for people in your community!

3) Outlaw FitCamp Offers Low Franchise Fees

Compared to other franchises, Outlaw FitCamp’s royalty fee of only 5% and the franchise fee of $22,500 is among the lowest franchise fees you will find. We’ll send you a more detailed investment sheet when you send in your interest form.

4) Outlaw FitCamp offers multiple services for growing your revenue and profit

Our proven Outlaw FitCamp program provides multiple revenue opportunities so you and your staff can earn a great income.

In addition to the indoor FitCamp group classes, our business model includes VIP coaching and personal training for individuals, private groups, and couples or families.

Our competitors do not offer personal training. Outlaw FitCamp does! Personal training is a service needed by many beginners, youth, seniors, those struggling with weight loss, and advanced athletes.

When you take advantage of our personal training and other coaching programs, your revenue grows!

5) Outlaw FitCamp trainers help all fitness levels

At Outlaw FitCamp, we serve clients at all different fitness levels—regardless of age, size, shape, or goals. Our personal trainers are trained to work with everyone from beginners to body builders. Men, women, families, companies, seniors, couples—all will be among your satisfied clients.

Certified Personal Trainers are a key part of our concept and company. We start by hiring only the best, and then we train them on our Outlaw FitCamp style and provide a team of experts that they can access any time.

6) You choose where you want to do business in the DFW metroplex

Our franchise opportunities are currently available throughout the entire DFW metroplex. We will help you determine the best territory and location for your franchise.

You know “the early bird gets the worm,” it’s the same thing for getting the best territories in DFW—so start now by completing your interest form.

7) Outlaw FitCamp has been developed to operate with only 3 to 5 employees needed

Outlaw FitCamp is a smart, convenient, and proven business model that only requires a few employees to run well profitably. We’ll help you find the best Certified Personal Trainers. We have franchise owners who will run their fitness studio as a family operation, and others who will hire managers—either way—it’s your choice.

One of our new franchise owners enjoys this aspect of his new business,

“I worked as an engineer for 12 years, and as I started looking into the fitness franchise, I was very excited for this opportunity to be able to work with my wife. [Owning an Outlaw FitCamp franchise] gave us the opportunity to work together. I get to see my kids more. My kids get to hang out with us, so we kind of get to do this as a family together. It’s honestly brought us a lot closer together.”

—Mark Heistand, Owner of Outlaw FitCamp, McKinney

Join the Outlaw FitCamp Family—Become a Franchise Owner

Fitness is the Future. If you have the vision, the investment and the enthusiasm to succeed, we will help you become a successful owner in this exciting new franchise opportunity at in your own Outlaw FitCamp!

Take Hold of Your Future—take advantage of this new franchise opportunity while great territories are still available in your area. Send us your interest form now. Or give us a call at 214-505-2202, and we’ll talk about it. our Future—together—with Outlaw FitCamp.

You can Change your life and improve the lives of others! And We’ll be there to help you every step of the way—one step at a time… As Jesse James Leyva says,

“We want to make sure we invest in you. It’s not just you investing in us.”

Outlaw FitCamp is the Future in Fitness. Contact us today for more information! 

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