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Born in Texas 11 Years Ago –

Now, we’re ready to Grow…

Invest in Yourself — Join Our Family

Discover the Rewards of an Outlaw FitCamp Franchise

Born in Texas 11 Years Ago –
Now, we’re ready to Grow…

Jesse & Tiffany Leyva have built a unique franchise opportunity that they want to share with you—if you have the vision and the enthusiasm to succeed with our help.

We will help you build your business with solid marketing…

We have proven effective and fun marketing campaigns, events and promotions that your members will love – and they will refer their friends to you!

Best in Class Training for your Staff & Fitness Instructors…

Your staff will be thoroughly trained. You will have Certified Physical Trainers, with clean backgrounds, who lead by example. They will be motivational and prone to smiles & encouragement.

Certified Personal Trainers

Certified Personal Trainers are a key part of our concept and company. Unlike many of our competitors, we start by hiring only Certified Personal Trainers. But we don’t stop there— we then train them on our Outlaw FitCamp style and provide a team of experts that they can access any time.

Our “Transformation Challenge” is exciting, fun – and it works…

We get members, their families and friends involved with every Challenge we promote. Now, our challenge to YOU is to come visit us – we will help you transform your future!

Outlaw FitCamp is way More than a Bootcamp Indoors…

You will offer your members a wide variety of fitness exercises and training techniques. We offer more, so your members don’t get bored. They love it!

We specialize in small groups and build great relationships…

You will offer our signature indoor FitCamps, combined with High Intensity Interval Training. Small groups, Couples,
Seniors, Personal & VIP Training, too.

Would you qualify as an Outlaw FitCamp franchisee? 


Q: What does an Outlaw FitCamp Studio franchise cost?
A: The Franchise Fee is $49,000. The total investment can range from $187,000 to $360,000. We’ll send you a more detailed Investment Sheet when you send in the Interest form.
Q: What are the fees that Outlaw FitCamp receives for your support services?
A: The Royalty Fee is 5%, the Advertising Fund Fee may be up to 4%. You must spend at least 2% on your own local advertising.
Q: Does Outlaw FitCamp grant an exclusive territory?
A: Yes, we will work with you to determine the best territory for your Studio location, then we’ll help you find the best location within your territory, help you negotiate the lease, and help you secure an approved construction firm to build-out your space.
Q: What kind of Studio location is Outlaw FitCamp looking for in my area?
A: We are looking for a high-traffic retail space of 3,000-4,200 square feet or more, in an upper middle income neighborhood, with a strong population of 35-65 year-olds within a 3-5 mile radius.
Q: Does Outlaw FitCamp provide any financing for my franchise? What about Veterans?
A: Outlaw FitCamp doesn’t provide any financing directly; however, we may help you find commercial financing if you qualify. Outlaw FitCamp is approved by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) for SBA guaranteed loans. We offer Veterans a 15% reduction of the Franchise Fee, in appreciation for their service to our Country.
Q: What return can I expect on my investment in an Outlaw FitCamp franchise?
A: That really depends on how well you operate the franchise. We will help guide you with best practices and cost controls; however, an owner investor who must hire a Manager may not make as much as an owner operator. We will discuss overhead options and operating costs when we meet with you personally.
Q: How long does it take to open my Outlaw FitCamp Studio location?
A: Once you’ve leased your location, construction remodeling can take 90-120 days, depending on local conditions and regulations. We allow up to one year to open an Outlaw FitCamp franchise; however, our experience has been that from signing a lease to opening has averaged four months or less.
Q: Do I need to be a Certified Personal Trainer, or have management experience to own an Outlaw FitCamp franchise?
A: No—although any related experience would be beneficial. More importantly, we want owners who are excited about our business model; have an outgoing personality; have some business, marketing and/or management experience; and who are involved with their own communities. Of course, an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and a desire to achieve success are just as important for your future with Outlaw FitCamp. Find out for yourself, send in your interest form below.


“Outlaw FitCamp is simply the best choice you could ever make, it will change your life. The staff & coaches are truly amazing!!!”
—Greg S.

“Life changing for anyone. I’ve loved every minute and glad to meet people that are so determined.”
—Joey M.

“Awesome FitCamps, great staff, super clean and organized – so happy with my decision to join!”
—Melissa H.

“…I can truly say I’m addicted. The environment is open and friendly. The awesome trainers truly care about everyone and want you to succeed. ”
—Amanda K.

“Excellent FitCamp! Never done this type of workout before – but I’m having great results in a few weeks and absolutely love it.”
—Laura B.

“Love the staff. Always super friendly and supportive. FitCamps are AWESOME!!! Your equipment is top notch!”
—Joleen J.





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