Recently Outlaw FitCamp was named one of the top 10 fitness franchises of 2020 by Aspioneer Magazine.

A lot of us find ourselves muddled when it comes to choosing the right place to work out. With so many big-box gyms, fitness studios, yoga classes, group classes, etc., it gets hard to decide which one will work. Hence, we find ourselves shuffling from one place to another until we find the one that feels like home. But why is it so difficult to make this choice in the first place. To begin with it, apart from the basic criteria such as location, budget, and personal goal, it depends on the quality of services and environment offered by the facility to their customers. After that, it comes down to the results and the level of engagement, enjoyment, and satisfaction in the training sessions. For instance, one of the downsides of choosing fitness studios is the repetitive and humdrum routines that pose the risk of getting injuries and hitting the plateau despite offering personalized attention with specifically designed and structured classes. That’s exactly where Outlaw FitCamp, an indoor Bootcamp and personal training brand, differentiates itself. To shed more light on it, we sat down with the Denton county’s best personal trainer, and the owner of Outlaw FitCamp, Jesse James Leyva, who has come a long way in the industry starting from riding a BMX bike as a young athlete.