Outlaw FitCamp Launches National Franchise Expansion Program

Growth accelerated with opening of its 8th gym and the first outside its home state of Texas

DALLAS – March 12, 2022 – Outlaw FitCamp announced today the launch of its national franchise program and the opening of its eighth location, the brand’s first gym outside the state of Texas which will open shortly in Indian Land, South Carolina. The Indian Land Outlaw FitCamp is owned and operated by local resident and franchisee Chris Novello. Created to inspire a community of outlaws to find a new path to fitness at any level, Outlaw FitCamp launched its franchise in 2018. By franchising the brand, guests across the country will have the opportunity to experience Outlaw FitCamp’s transformative and purposeful approach to fitness and interval training through its cutting-edge workouts designed for both men and women of all fitness levels and most ages.

“Outlaw FitCamp is making it easy for group fitness, personal training, and nutrition to be an essential part of everyone’s life. We’re not here to reinvent health and wellness, but we do want to make it accessible for any body at any fitness level,” said President & Founder Jesse James Leyva. “It’s not easy to get into better shape. It takes hard work, but our brand is about making the journey towards fitness fun and if we can do that and create a community of Outlaws in the process – that’s a win.

Today, Outlaw FitCamp has eight locations spread across Texas and South Carolina, and its revamped model and major investment in technology during the height of the pandemic, has kept the brand on solid footing and ignited the brand’s surge into franchise development. Through franchising, the brand is unlocking the opportunity for more people to benefit from Outlaw FitCamp both as members and as owners.

“We’ve remained true to who we are since our inception,” added Leyva. “I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that it’s ok to break away from the laws of convention and embrace all types of training. We integrate so many styles of exercise into our classes and personal training – that’s what makes it fun and what also makes us a bunch of happy outlaws. People across the greater Dallas- Fort Worth metro have known and loved us for years and we’re excited to introduce our unique style and approach to fitness to more cities and neighborhoods across Texas, and now in South Carolina with Chris Novello, whose entrepreneurial spirit and thoughtfulness will help spearhead our growth in the Palmetto State.”

A small footprint, a massive investment in technology, and hyper-efficient operations are enabling Outlaw FitCamp to enter new territories that were previously untouched. Furthermore, smaller, and more efficient gyms, multiple revenue streams, and a more predictable membership model, lower the barrier to entry into ownership yet still give new franchisees the experience, purchasing power, training and support that Outlaw FitCamp affords.

“Fitness and personal health will always remain a lifestyle priority – it’s something achievable and needed despite pandemics or other challenges,” said Leyva. “The opening of Outlaw FitCamp in South Carolina, which is the newest of nearly 10 new gyms planned over the next two years throughout the country, highlights the momentum we’re having as a brand. Our above industry profit margins, along with the simplicity of our operations, the technology we deploy, and the customized training and ongoing support provided are exactly the business components potential owners are seeking.”

About Outlaw FitCamp Franchising:

Headquartered in Dallas, Outlaw FitCamp has innovated and transformed the traditional group fitness gym into an inspired and transformative experience for both men and women of all fitness levels and most ages. Outlaw FitCamp is more than just fitness classes and personal training – it’s about building a lifestyle community. With world-class facilities, in-depth technology, and exceptional customer service focused on delivering results, Outlaw FitCamp is redefining the path to fitness. Today, the brand has grown to nearly 10 locations across Texas and South Carolina. Outlaw FitCamp franchisees can expect their initial investment to range from $255,900 to $459,900 excluding real estate costs. For more information about franchising with Outlaw FitCamp, visit ofcfranchise.com.