Meet Outlaw FitCamp Franchisee Jonathan

We’d like to introduce you to Jonathan Hunsaker, the new Outlaw FitCamp franchise owner of our Keller location.

Jonathan was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and lived there until he was 17 years old. At that age, he moved to Austin, Texas, and opened his own landscape business, becoming a business owner at only 17

Jonathan is a single dad raising two daughters, ages 5 and 7. For hobbies, he enjoys adventure and strength sports. His favorites are dirt bike racing, stand-up jet skis, wake surfing, snowboarding…he says he enjoys any sports like these. Jonathan even has a motocross track at his house. He lives on 18 acres, and one of the purposes for getting this land was to build his own motocross track.

Read on to learn more about the new owner of Outlaw FitCamp’s Keller location.

1. Is the Keller location already open?

Yes, I’m taking it over from a previous franchisee. They opened in 2019, I believe, just before the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, they were never able to put energy into it, so I’m taking it over. I own several businesses, and I’m excited to add Outlaw FitCamp to the mix.

2. Tell us about your background

I’m a born entrepreneur and salesman. I knew from being young that’s what I would do. I started selling as a door-to-door salesman at 14 years old. I’ve never worked for someone else. I’ve either made 100% commissions only or have been working at my own company. That’s all I’ve done for the last 25 years. I’m good at solving problems and hiring people that are smarter than me. That’s the approach I take.

I lived in Panama, Central America, for four years. Then I moved down to southern Chile, and I thought I’d stay there forever. But I came back to U.S. for my kids.

3. Why did you choose the fitness industry as a business venture?

I’ve been interested in fitness since 2014. It’s a big focus of mine.

4.Why did you specifically choose Outlaw FitCamp as a franchise

I’ve been on a health journey for a while now. I actually ended up being very overweight. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years and used to drink a lot. At one point I was at 270 pounds.

But in 2014, I started my health journey when I found out my girlfriend at the time was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I quit smoking and drinking and started getting my eating in check.

Ultimately by 2019, I had lost 90 pounds and was down to 180 pounds. At that time, I had just finished running my first marathon. I went into Outlaw FitCamp and met Jesse James Leyva [Founder] and started training with him. I’d lost weight on my own, but I’d also lost muscle, so I started training with Jesse. He helped me gain back the muscle I’d lost while still maintaining a healthy weight.

I also own an organic supplement company, Organixx.com. I built that on my health journey. My big passion was obviously getting healthy myself, but now it’s also helping a lot of other people get healthy. I have another company, Morningman.com. We make a green powder like athletic greens, but it’s also caffeinated and more nutritious. That’s another brand of mine.

At this stage of my life, I just want to help and give back. So when I found the opportunity in Keller, it really was a no-brainer for me. It helps me continue my mission of helping people get healthy because I know how much doing that changed my life.

5.What are you looking forward to achieving with your first Outlaw FitCamp location?

I want to make this Outlaw FitCamp location more successful, so we can serve more people and serve them better. I want to build a strong team. Eventually I’d like to open other locations. I want to help as many people as I can.

6. How are you putting together your team?

I’m bringing in Dylan O’Neal, Little Elm owner, as a partner. He’s been with Outlaw FitCamp for around seven years now. Joe is our new general manager—he’s previously been a trainer. He’s also into health and helping people. We have another excellent trainer, Adrian, and then we’re currently hiring trainers.




7. What support from Outlaw FitCamp has been most helpful to you?

I was already friends with Jesse so that’s helped a lot. The support of Jesse and Tiffany [Owners of Outlaw FitCamp] has been very helpful.


8. What kind of resources from Outlaw FitCamp do you take advantage of? 

 Again, Jesse is a great resource. Dylan coming in to help me as a partner while he’s successfully running another location is also very helpful.


9.What inspires you or motivates you to wake up and go to work?

My daughters. Also, having this lifestyle. For my other brands, we only do four-day work weeks so that we have balance. Everyone works Monday through Thursday every week. And everyone works from home. This balance helps maintain my lifestyle. It motivates me to work out too. I get up every morning, get my daughters up, cook them breakfast, take them to school, and then I work out. I like that my businesses allow me to spend my time this way.

10. What are the most important benefits for you in owning an Outlaw FitCamp franchise?

Owning an Outlaw FitCamp location really complements my other health and wellness businesses.


11. What are your future goals with Outlaw FitCamp?

 I’d like to open additional locations.

12. What is your favorite thing about owning an Outlaw FitCamp franchise?

 Having my own leg press machine. [Laughs]

13. What advice would you give someone looking for a franchise opportunity?

Follow the processes that are already put in place. If you break from the processes that made the business successful, you likely won’t be as successful.

14. Have you always been interested in fitness?

I smoked since I was 15. I smoked a pack a day for over 20 years. I drank heavily and didn’t eat well. Getting healthy greatly improved my life. I ran a marathon in 2019. A month ago, I ran a 4 by 4 by 48 challenge with one week’s notice. That’s running four miles every four hours for 48 hours. I’m 43 years old and that’s what getting healthy does for me. At a moment’s notice, I can do a 4X4X48 challenge.


15. What is your favorite workout music?

 Old school hip hop.

16.What do you like to do in your spare time?

I just like to play [laughs]. And to spend time with my daughters. When I’m playing, they’re out with me. They’re on the boat, or they’re riding dirt bikes.

17. What three words would you use to describe workouts at Outlaw FitCamp?

Effective, exhausting, and rewarding.

18. What is your favorite form of exercise personally?

My answer is probably the same as most guys, but I like upper body days—working out my chest and arms.


19. How do you balance career and family?

By creating very clear boundaries. By making a commitment not to work past a certain time of day and sticking to that. It’s keeping work separate from your family space and being able to disconnect from your work. Work/life balance should be prioritizing life instead of work. This day and age, a lot of people tend to prioritize the work part more. I think creating and keeping boundaries is important.

20.  What does your work mean to you?

Freedom. It ultimately means freedom. That’s the reason I’m doing what I am. And it really does mean a lot to me to help other people and help them get healthy. I suffered for at least ten years of being at least 60 to 70 pounds overweight. I know what that feels like. I know what it’s like to go to bed at night wishing you were thinner, wishing you had worked out, wishing you’d made better choices that day. I know that feeling all too well from night after night after night. So it’s extremely rewarding for me to help other people achieve better health. Outlaw FitCamp is another avenue for me to do that. I’m doing it already with our supplements. At the end of the day, what my work means to me is helping other people get to a better place.

I love a quote from Ray Kroc: “The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed.” I find if I follow that model, things generally work out for me.

If you think you may be interested in joining our Outlaw FitCamp family, learn more about becoming a franchise owner here. We’re growing quickly and you may be the perfect addition to our team! Contact us today to discuss the opportunity.

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