Outlaw FitCamp founder Jesse James Leyva was recently featured in The Franchise Universe Magazine where they named Outlaw FitCamp one of The 10 Best Franchises to Open in 2021! If you have a love for fitness and want to turn that into a profitable business, Outlaw FitCamp may be the perfect fit for you.

After serving the local DFW area for over 14 years, we are now opening fun fitness franchises where friends become family. At Outlaw FitCamp, personal health and happiness make profitable partners.

Here are seven reasons why right now is the perfect time to open an Outlaw FitCamp:


1) The fitness industry is BOOMING!

People are more aware than ever that it’s critically important to stay fit. People understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age is very closely tied to overall happiness in life. And they are exercising because of it.

Experts believe that health and fitness will continue to be a growing industry. Currently, fitness facilities are one of the fastest-growing franchises in America. In fact, the top three high-growth spots are all within the health and fitness industry!


2) The Outlaw FitCamp brand is ready for growth.

Outlaw FitCamp has developed and grown from our years of experience in personal training and fitness classes. The Outlaw FitCamp method focuses on providing the best training for each client—regardless of age, size, shape, or fitness levels.

We’ve grown to seven locations in the DFW metroplex with plans for much more growth in Texas and nationwide in 2022.


3) We give full support to our new franchisee from Day One.

Outlaw FitCamp has developed a proven business model that only requires a few employees to run efficiently and profitably. To get started, we’ll help you determine the best territory and location for your franchise. Then we’ll help you find the best certified Personal Trainers in your area. We’ll assist in negotiating your lease and guide you through construction. As you begin, we’ll be at your side through remodeling, construction, training, and the planning of your grand opening. You will feel our full support.

4) Outlaw FitCamp  recently opened a beautiful new headquarters November 2021.

We’re very excited about moving our headquarters to a popular new location in the area, Lakeside DFW in Flower Mound just minutes from the airport.

Many people in the DFW area are already familiar with this terrific, growing space of shops, condominiums, and restaurants. Our clients will enjoy state-of-the-art fitness equipment in a brand new 6000-square-foot building and new franchisees will have easy access for training at the new HQ.

After your workout, Lakeside has trails where you can enjoy walking, restaurants for a bite, or you can relax on our patio. This new headquarters will be where future franchisees will come to learn about operating an Outlaw FitCamp studio.

5) Our business model offers personal training along with group fitness. This means more revenue for you!

The Outlaw FitCamp system provides multiple revenue opportunities that most other fitness businesses don’t offer. Many boutique fitness systems offer mainly group fitness classes but we offer both. This results in more revenue for our franchisees.

6) The on-going support you’ll always receive as a franchisee is second to none.

 Besides getting you up and running, Outlaw FitCamp will continue to give you full and dedicated support. We’ll provide team training and experts that you can count on. We offer fun and effective marketing campaigns, events, and promotions that your members will love. You can feel confident that Outlaw FitCamp will use our expertise to give you the business support you need to succeed. After all, your success is our success!

7) Post-COVID will create an increased focus on health and fitness worldwide. Be a part of it! 

The COVID pandemic was definitely the biggest disruption the fitness industry has ever experienced. Some people predicted dire consequences to fitness facilities from COVID, but this industry keeps growing against all odds. The businesses who showed adaptability survived and even thrived during this difficult time. Thankfully, Outlaw FitCamp is one of those.

In fact, growth in the fitness industry in the next few years is projected to be better than ever. One recent survey found 37 percent of people say they will work out more after COVID than they did before. Over 50% of these respondents said this is because they now have a renewed appreciation for their health and well-being.
















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