There’s a lot of competition in the fitness industry these days and it’s no wonder. New gyms are popping up everywhere because the demand for them is so great. Several factors are driving this demand:

  • People have growing health awareness. More people are realizing the importance of fitness in their lives.
  • Seniors are exercising more than ever
  • Preventative health care is becoming increasingly popular. Employers and health insurance companies are offering incentives to people to stay fit in order to ward off illnesses.
  • Gyms provide equipment that is expensive or difficult to have at home
  • Personal trainers are very effective in helping you reach your goals
  • Exercise extends your life
  • People are glad to be back in group exercise classes after COVID shutdowns
  • Regular exercisers enjoy a higher quality of life as they age

Over decades of helping people become more fit and healthy, Outlaw FitCamp has fine-tuned its well-tested fitness plan. “We’re extremely proud to be a part of so many personal success stories.” Says Outlaw FitCamp Founder Jesse James Leyva



Jesse began his start in fitness operating 2 big box gyms more than 20 years ago and has passionately perfected his fitness methods ever since. Jesse realized that big box gyms require large overhead, expensive maintenance fees, lots of employees and big headaches. After shutting down the big box gyms he focused on what he knew best, personal training and coaching.

2009 Jesse opened Jesse James Fit, a boutique fitness studio that focused on personal training, an appointment-based fitness concept where members work directly with a certified personal trainer and grew to one of the top producing training studios nationwide. From this success, frequently others would share a desired interest in the concept wanting their own in their cities or would seek mentorship from Jesse. 2014 is when Outlaw FitCamp was created, a group fitness + personal training concept and began franchising end of 2018. Today, Outlaw FitCamp has grown to seven locations, despite the pandemic and is rapidly expanding by offering franchise opportunities. So far, they’ve opened franchises in Texas and South Carolina. “Our goal is to expand our footprint in surrounding states.” Says Outlaw FitCamp CEO, Tiffany Leyva.

We believe Outlaw FitCamp Franchise is one of the top emerging fitness franchise options available today and a strong financial opportunity for our franchisees than the competitors provide. In fact, Outlaw FitCamp has been named The Hottest fitness franchise of 2020 by Aspioneer Magazine and The 10 Best Franchises to Open in 2021 by Franchise Universe Magazine.

We won’t name these competitors, but you’ve seen them in or around your area. We’ll break down the top 10 ways Outlaw FitCamp stands out in the crowd:



1) Outlaw FitCamp is the best place to work for Personal Trainers!

Sadly, in our experience over the last 20+ years we’ve noticed the “norm” of many fitness trainers and instructors earn part-time income or not enough income at one job they usually need multiple to make ends meet or lucky to have the support of a spouse. At Outlaw FitCamp, we don’t want that for our employees or our franchisees employees. That’s why we offer an adjustable salary tier—it’s an industry first.

Also, at Outlaw FitCamp trainers can be in control of their income by teaching group FitCamp classes and acquire personal training clients which really helps grow their income. Pay is performance based and discussed during the onboarding process of what they see fit for their schedules. Now Outlaw FitCamp provides a stable workplace for trainers to build a career without the need for multiple jobs, with an opportunity to make great income and potentially have benefits if they are full time.

Outlaw FitCamp encourages its franchisees to offer health insurance to full time trainers, another industry first. Because we believe in taking care of the team that takes care of the members and the business! It helps with employee retention and moral, plus offering health insurance attracts highly talented individuals.  The bottom line: we take care of our people and encourage everyone in our system to follow suit. That’s one important key to our business model.


2) Client retention is stronger.

Because of low employee turnover and a positive environment in our studios, client retention is also stronger. Stronger client retention leads to a smoother business experience. Another plus for Outlaw FitCamp is we are not limited by our offerings. We have a fit for every member, whether it’s weight loss, seniors, men, women, youth, athletes and beyond. Many of our members start with a goal in mind and once that goal is met begin to have new goals which may include working directly with a trainer. At Outlaw FitCamp we help our members Find Their Fit no matter where they are in their fitness journey!

3) We offer true multi-revenue streams.

Other fitness concepts will promise this, but Outlaw FitCamp truly offers multi-revenue streams. At OFC, we understand each member is different, their bodies are different and so are their goals and budgets therefore, we offer three membership types. 1. FitCamp: group classes 2. Personal Training: Individual, small group and couples (spouse trains free) 3. Ultra Fit: The best of both FitCamp and personal training without the high price. Outlaw FitCamp offers bold fun apparel members love to wear and seasonally we offer competitive challenges that produce great income for our franchisees aside from memberships.



4) Outlaw FitCamp is full of opportunity.

We have exciting expansion goals and territories open across the USA. Our current goal is to open more locations in Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, and surrounding states. Multi-unit incentives veteran discounts, semi owner or owner operator possibility for the right candidates. Where would you like to see the next Outlaw FitCamp?


5) We attract a broader range of clients.

At Outlaw FitCamp, you are going to experience a larger potential client pool. We’re not a gym just for hardbodies. We’ve worked very hard to make Outlaw FitCamp locations feel welcoming and comfortable for everyone, regardless of fitness level or goals. Our functional interval training style has transformed seniors, teenagers, weight loss clients, athletes and competitive bodybuilders achieve their desired results, and they keep coming back for more. We are a community, one that celebrates our members wins and encourages them when they don’t see their own potential. It’s more than a gym it’s an experience.



6) Outlaw FitCamp offers multi-unit opportunities.

After you’ve found success at one franchise location, we’ll help you expand into other locations if that’s your goal. The leadership team that makes up Outlaw FitCamp have a range of 30+ years combined experts in the fitness industry, leadership, and business coaching for franchisees monthly, many resources for our franchise owners to receive support and for their trainers and teams to have access to for continuing education and support. As a franchisee of Outlaw FitCamp, you will always know and feel you are supported from the day you sign and constantly on going. Your success is our success, and we want you to grow with us!


7) Outlaw FitCamp is always improving!

Each year we get better and better from studio design, to bringing on the right vendors to aid in supporting our zees. We offer a competitive turnkey system with low initial buy in and focus our efforts on what can be accomplished to support our owners to be even more successful. Be it smart technology to always have a pulse on the business, business coaching and beyond. Also, we select some of our top performing franchisees into our advisory board to gain their perspective on how we can better serve our members and franchisees every day. OFC is about the people, and we pride ourselves as a company that does its very best to find and support vendors who manufacture here in the USA, build lasting relationships with those who support our system.

8) We offer low start-up costs.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we offer a turn-key system and low initial buy in. The initial investment of $49,900 for a single unit franchise fee. Total Investment $292,000-$523,000 to get up and running with an option to choose the size/scale of your studio from 10-16 FitCamp cells and personal training space. An Outlaw FitCamp location can range from 3150sft to 4000sft, 3-5 employees to run efficiently and profitably. This is equal to or lower than many of our competitors and we have no hidden costs.

9) You won’t need a lot of employees for success.

Outlaw FitCamp’s fitness method allows you to successfully run your business with only three to a maximum of five employees. Some people are turning this into a family business and working alongside their spouse. Some are hiring trainers that they’ve worked with for years. It won’t take many employees for your location to be a success. But it will take leadership and we look for that strength in potential candidates.

10) Outlaw FitCamp offers a franchising discount to Veterans.

We appreciate our Veterans and know that their military experience has prepared them well for the discipline and dedication it takes to run a business successfully. We love for Veterans to become a part of our Outlaw team. Read more about how we support our veterans here.

Compare Outlaw FitCamp’s franchise opportunity to others

The fitness industry is booming! At Outlaw FitCamp, we’re looking for enthusiastic passionate people to become a part of our growth. If you’re serious about owning a fitness franchise, we encourage you to study your options. We want you to thoroughly compare how Outlaw FitCamp stacks up against the competition. We feel confident you’ll find an amazing opportunity and value by becoming a part of our brand.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity, please fill out the franchise interest form below and we’ll be glad to discuss the possibility of owning your very own Outlaw FitCamp Franchise.